Shoshanna Zuboff’sThe Age of Surveillance Capitalismtakes as its subject our current technological state, the place companies have access to alotof personal info. Zuboff investigates the power and peril of digital surveillance, arguing that we've now entered a new age of capitalism the place info and private data are tools within the palms of firms.
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If you have ever picked up a book from the airport or supermarket check out the book reviews on the back. This is not only to let you know what the book is about, but also gives helpful information about the author. Some non-fiction books are more informative than fiction books. free ebooks download Even if the topic does not interest you at first, once you read the information provided you will be drawn in and interested again. Reading is a great stress reliever and can help us relax.
Take our “What Nonfiction Should I Read Next” quiz, and read all of our nonfiction content material right here. Jahren’s memoir is a paean to her life in science, specifically the type of science that entails getting your hands dirty and reaching for a specimen vial.
The duty the writers of such books take on, to arrange the facts of the world right into a form that is smart of its tumult, can produce in the reader a sort of clarity of thought that no other genre can match. Also read TIME’s lists of the ten finest fiction books of 2020, the 100 should-learn books of the 12 months and the ten best video video games of the yr.

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