Non-fiction books about gardening, astrology, alcoholism, fitness, home repairs, weddings and pregnancy are among the most popular non-fiction titles. Some authors write about subjects that everyone lives with and care about, such as pollution and violence in the world today. These authors often share information about solving problems through creative solutions.
non fiction books
Part of this book’s appeal is how it exhibits elements that would not have occurred to you as being pivotal to the beginnings, and then progress, of a civilization. free books download It was these factors alone that meant individuals from certain areas of the planet dominated others. ion books will let you know concerning the world, about humanity, and even about yourself. Informative in addition to entertaining, some are well-known and take a look at universal themes, while others are comparatively unsung and are extra narrowly targeted.
Graves’s account of his experiences in the trenches of the first world war is a subversive tour de force. Hersey’s extraordinary, gripping guide tells the non-public tales of six people who endured the 1945 atom bomb assault. This landmark recipe e-book, a horrified response to postwar rationing, introduced cooks to the food of southern Europe and readers to the artwork of food writing. An astonishingly personal and accessible account of how Cambridge scientists Watson and Francis Crick unlocked the secrets of DNA and transformed our understanding of life. free ebook download pdf I donate 5 p.c of profits to causes that enhance the well being of children, pregnant moms, and households in low earnings communities. This section features lately released books which might be value your attention.

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