25 Of The Very Best Fantasy Books On Goodreads|The Greatest Fantasy Novels Of All Time

But if you're looking for a different kind of fantasy story, one that's dark and brooding, with a protagonist that is not afraid to do anything to get power, you'll find this story compelling. The trilogy was completed because 2016 and from start to finish Lawrence maintains the quality of the narrative, characters and plot. So for an action-packed military fantasy series that blew the genre up before dark fantasy was hot, The Black Company takes the cake. The book came out in the early 90's but despite its age it still beats most other epic fantasy works on the market now, even in the fantasy age of 2016 this classic is completely worth reading. There is still no other work of fiction quite like it today.

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So I believe I'm sitting on the fence of whether Harry Potter should be at the peak of the list or in the bottom. While great writing certainly permeates the genre, it is not always a requirement. We want a Fantastic story more than anything, and as long as the prose is readable, that's fine. Rothfuss' debut novel showed us that an epic fantasy novel can not just be well-written, but can also boast amazing prose.

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Read more about free audio books online here. I have carefully chosen the top 25 fantasy books from countless series and thousands of books. In the 20 or so years I have been devouring fantasy books, certain dream books have stood out far above the rest. I've attempted GoT several times, but haven't gotten past the first couple of chapters. My favorites are Tolkien (of course!?) , but additionally Elizabeth Moon's The Deed of Paksenarrion along with the sequels, along with David Weber's Oath of Swords and the novels that followed.

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Anyway, if you love dark fantasy with a epic cast of characters and a storyline that spans millennia, read the whole thing. 1 matter Erikson does and does well is create absolutely epic battles with guns and magical. No dream book series is much more epic in scope than The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

I highly suggest this book, especially if you're looking for a darker kind of story. It grabs you into a horrified, however never quit reading kind of way.

Both are known primarily for their military science fiction, which probably helps them write persuasive struggles in their dream books. I reread each of these publications on a regular basis. Elizabeth Moon's novels have really strong female personalities, including Paksenarrion herself. Shouldn't Harry Potter be on peak of this listing? How many fantasy authors are able to spell words which come from Latin. Even the names of the fantasy animals, plants, and items are amazing. Rowling has done a really good job writing her novels.

She made her own Harry Potter website (Pottermore.com, now renamed WizardingWorld.com). That is the kind of writing which makes it interesting for everybody.

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